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Sainik School Academy Message

Dear Aspirants,

I am delighted to greet you here at DCG Defence Academy with a great sense of pride. We are dedicated to developing the leaders of the future who will bravely and honorably serve our country as we pursue excellence.

At DCG Defence Academy, we are firm believers in the transformational potential of education, and our devoted group of knowledgeable instructors, which includes former defence officers, is here to support and motivate you. The path to a career in the armed forces is difficult, but it is during these difficulties that one finds their own potential.

I urge you to embrace the perseverance, commitment, and discipline needed to succeed. Our goal is to inculcate traits like leadership, resiliency, and a sense of service in addition to knowledge that goes beyond what is taught in textbooks.

Always keep in mind that every setback presents an opportunity for improvement. As you go out on this life-changing adventure, picture yourself succeeding, and allow that vision to serve as the motivation for your work. Not only are we forming careers at DCG, but we are also creating a legacy of leaders who will protect our country.

Let's aim high, put in a lot of effort, and advance towards a prosperous future.

Best Wishes,
Michael Sukale I.A.F (Retd)

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